Guidelines for Paleo Zone Diet

30 Aug

My own personal goal for this Paleo for 6 weeks challenge is to try out the Paleo-Zone diet for myself. I’ve been Paleo since Feb 11th when my box had a Primal challenge and I have felt great ever since. Sometimes I feel like eating rice (I am Asian so it’s inevitable) but when I do, just a pinch of rice is enough to fill my appetite, which means that I am now officially low carb. But I’ve always been curious about the Paleo zone diet especially since it has been proven that the Paleo Zone diet will help move you to CrossFit’s top tier performers very quickly.

The CrossFit journal’s “Zone Meal Plan” article explains the Zone’s “block” concept and provides meal plans that you can use for your meals. And if you decide to follow it, simply find your required block per meal (based on your body type), lookup the chart on what and how much food you can eat, and you’re all done.

This article shows you the Zone diet which means that some of the food in the meal plan might not be Paleo. If you are still not used to being Paleo, then you can start here. If you are ready to go all the way, then simply use the Zone measurements but only pick foods that are Paleo.


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