8/30 – Dinner (JV)

31 Aug

Okay, I messed up on this one. I was trying to be good until dinner time and I was. I passed on the hotdog and pizza when we watched a movie but when I got home I had some leftover chili with sausages so I ended up eating that with some rice. damnit.

2 servings of chili with sausages and 1 cup of white rice

Will try to snack before dinner with some nuts so I don’t end up super hungry by dinner.


One Response to “8/30 – Dinner (JV)”

  1. paleofor6weeks August 31, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    hey jv, if you have to eat rice, (i get it sometimes you have to), according to the zone diet (with the assumption that you’re a medium size male), you should eat 15 tablespoons of rice.

    I realized after talking to my colleague yesterday that you really have two options here:
    1. eat non-paleo but zone … so anything you want but within your zone block
    2. eat paleo but not zone … so eat meats, veggies and fat (nuts, seeds, avocado) but no need to measure quantity (i.e. eat until ur full)
    3. or the combination of both which is paleo zone

    read the CFJ article about zone if you need meal plans. http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/cfjissue21_May04.pdf

    good luck man! stock up on veggies at home so salad is easily accessible. i’ll ask julia to post her grocery list hehe

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