8/31: Breakfast & Lunch (Brian)

31 Aug

Ok, I realized that maybe I should be more specific in calculating the correct zone block for me. When I looked at the chart, it says medium sized male, 5 blocks. So I assumed since I wear a medium size shirt, I’m medium sized male haha. Well no really, I think I’m borderline small and medium. So I’m eating 5 block meals and it looks like a lot of food. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a lot of food or less food. When I measure my portions, when doing Paleo only, I put 3/4 of my plate to be vegetables, and 1/4 of em with meat. And for snacks I have a handful of nuts. With this Paleo zone, it seems to be the same 3/4 and 1/4 plus the nuts. Not sure if that’s right or not. But I will investigate and update this post.

But anyways, here’s what I had for breakfast
2/3 cup of salmon
2 cups of lettuce
2 cups of strawberries
2 eggs (over easy)

And here’s for lunch
2 Burger patties
10 cups of lettuce
15 pieces of almonds

My buddy Hendra, who inspired me to do Paleo Zone has agreed to check this blog out once in a while so dude, feel free to chime in and comment on our posts especially if something doesn’t look right. Like a pan of pizza for breakfast or something like that haha. Let’s build up this support system!

By the way, have you guys seen the winner of the Paleo Challenge at San Francisco CrossFit? It is ridiculous! I can’t believe anybody can have that kind of transformation! A little nudge to you guys so you would stick to the program … Should we start posting before and after pics too??


8 Responses to “8/31: Breakfast & Lunch (Brian)”

  1. jvco777 August 31, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    maybe you were already doing paleo zone without knowing it ;-P

    i’m a bit shy to put my picture so i’ll pass on that.. maybe after i get results i’ll put both 😛

    OR just put the before now for it to be a constant reminder to stick to the diet… it’s almost dinner time… the most difficult part of the day… wish me luck..


    • paleofor6weeks September 1, 2010 at 5:52 am #

      haha i was thinking of doing the same thing. depending on how well this diet works out, maybe then ill post the before and after picture haha …

  2. Hendra September 1, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Hey hoooo Brian! I inspired you? I’m blushing.

    Anyhow. 2/3 cups of salmon might be an OK measurement, but why not say 6oz. of salmon for 4P blocks? No harm being extra accurate with a kitchen scale 😉
    Also, might be easier if you have a prepared spreadsheet to adhere to as to how many blocks you want to eat for respective meals. I find myself leering away from target often by just eyeballing and making numbers off the top of my head. I’d start with total daily required blocks, then split them into whatever number of meals I wanna have during the day. I also count in fish oil and post-workout intake into the calculation. After a while it’s just a matter of copy/pasting everything all over again. Take a look at my Food log to get what I mean:

    Are you having trouble chewing down all that 10 cups of lettuce yet? That’s A LOT. If you’re tight for time you might want to substitute those lettuce with something denser, berries perhaps, or sweet potato, beets, yam.

    I weigh 137lb with 124 lean body mass. If I use 0.7 as activity factor that puts me at 14 Zone blocks.

    I did that for a while and felt like I still get drowsy after eating (meaning sugar intake still too high, insulin spike still high, reduce carbs).

    I also feel like my performance is not up to par, and since I want to bulk up too, I upped my Protein, so 14P becomes 17P (1g protein for every lb lean body mass).

    I personally only eat 2 cups of broccoli (or less) with each meal, so that puts my daily intake at 9C 17P 29F (5C=15F). Friends are concerned that I’d get cholesterol and what nots, but I’ve never felt more energized after hours after meals. And I’m still shedding fats even though I eat tons of almonds and avocados. (Remember, Fats are hormonally neutral and does not have any effect on insulin. Carbs make you fat, not Fats. I have bacons and egg whites+yolk for breakfast!)

    I do indulge in the occasional canned 100% coconut water and I have choc milk for post-workout.

    Check out this guy’s diet:

    Oh and Brian here’s my daily workouts if you’re interested in keeping score with me teehehe

  3. paleofor6weeks September 1, 2010 at 7:00 am #

    hey hendra, wow you are really resourceful on this paleo zone thing. but dude, sorry im still really dumb at all these things. So I went to the DrSears.com website you sent me and this is what it showed:

    Body Fat %: 14.00
    Body Fat Weight (lbs): 21.70
    Lean Body Mass (lbs): 133.30
    Daily Protein Requirement (g): 133.30
    or # of Blocks of Protein: 19
    # of Blocks of Carbohydrate: 19
    # of Blocks of Fat: 19

    I put in Elite Athlete (not that I am one … yet) but it said Heavy daily weights & intense sport training, which translated to every WOD I do so I figured that was the right choice.

    So looking at the above from good ol DrSears.com, that means I have to eat 19 blocks for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack? Or 19 blocks in a day? If it’s the latter, which I hope it is, so I just have to split 19 blocks between my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks?

  4. Hendra September 1, 2010 at 7:26 am #


    Yep 19 blocks split through the day. When I started off I went as prescribed by “Mastering the Zone” and did 6 meals a day (3 small meals and 3 snacks), but found that very cumbersome, so I’m more of doing 4 meals + Post workout (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper + PWO nutrition)

    Your stats looks great! So 19 blocks of Carbs, Protein and Fats… What makes the difference n your protein requirement is te activity factor, Protein requirement = Activity factor x Lean body mass…

    Crossfit prescription says use 0.7 as activity factor (Moderate athlete, 3 times workout a week) and Elite athlete should be used for someone who’s doing WOD twice a day (from Robb Wolf’s “Golden Ratio”). I find that on 0.7 I’m never on an optimal energy level for my WOD, I’m hungry through the day and just feel overall shitty. So I went with 0.8 (That’s going from 12 blocks on 0.7 to 14 blocks on 0.8), and it kind of work for me for now.

    Like I said, I would recommend reducing carbs aggressively and replace that with 3 fat blocks per carb block. I don’t know the whole argument about insufficient carb affecting your brain chemistry and making you stupid (Heard of it? I haven’t done enough research, apparently), but I’m feeling comfortable at my 9C 17P 29F.

    Here’s what I got from the calculator:
    Body Fat %: 12.00
    Body Fat Weight (lbs): 16.20
    Lean Body Mass (lbs): 118.80
    Daily Protein Requirement (g): 118.80
    or # of Blocks of Protein: 17
    # of Blocks of Carbohydrate: 17
    # of Blocks of Fat: 17

    Oh, and don’t forget to print this Holy Bible and paste it on your fridge door 😉

  5. jvco777 September 1, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    oh wow you guys are going all technical on this stuff… i’m already confused after the first sentence…. probably have you explain this to me brian when i see you.

    for now i’m just doing the strict paleo without zone.

    although i ended up eating a chicken breast with some broccoli and a little beef last night as a midnight snack. I ate chicken breast and veggies at mels for dinner and was starving by night time.

    any suggestions or comments on this type of snacking at night? is that bad even if its all protein? just the time of the day and sleeping right after a
    meal just feels wrong to me but maybe its not….

    Oh, and hi Hendra. Nice meeting you. Thank you for your helping out!



  6. paleofor6weeks September 1, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    @ JV:
    hey jv, join the club. im confused too about this zone diet. need to pick some more out of hendra’s brain hehe …

    regarding your question, check out the comment i put on your dinner post last night. that should answer some of your questions.

    @ Hendra:
    hey sorry man. i still don’t get it. how did you get 9C 17P 29F? so my total block per day is 19 right? so how do I split that throughout the day for breakfast, lunch dinner? i dont do well with carbs anymore because i’ve been paleo for a while. the past 2 days of doing 5 blocks of carbs, protein and fat gets me sleepy and really crappy during my WODs. so I’m thinking more protein and fat is better for me.

    I tried to use your spreadsheet to spread the 19 blocks across 3 meals a day. Also up the protein and fat but not sure if this is right. How do you know how much to increase for protein and fat?

    thanks man.

  7. Uncle Su September 1, 2010 at 8:45 pm #

    Hey guys!

    @Brian Can’t open your link.

    For 19 blocks you can have 5 blocks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then have the 4 blocks leftover split between 2 snack meals, maybe one in the afternoon before workout and another for supper? Do you still want to do 19? If your goal is to lose fats I’d suggest trying out 16-17 blocks first since u used “elite athlete” to get 19 blocks.

    Yeah 5 blocks of carb per meal is a lot to chow down anyway. Try 4 blocks for 2 days and then go down to 3 blocks of carbs if you’re still feeling woozy.

    How did I get 9/17/29?
    So I used my lean mass and 0.7 as activity factor, 14 blocks. minus 5 blocks of carbs, 9C. 5C=15F, so I get 15F+14F=29F. As for Protein, I just want to make sure I get 1g for every lb of lean mass (muscle gain) so 17P. 9/17/29.

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