If you feel like going out to eat … (UPDATED 9/20)

31 Aug

And you are in San Francisco, here are the places that allows me to enjoy outside food and still be Paleo. These places lets you substitute your food or have a lot of paleo meal options:

  • IHOP – Suprisingly, without the pancakes, the meal really is all protein. And they even let you substitute pancakes with a bowl of salad (free of charge). I do it all the time. Get steak and eggs, or the classic, two eggs, two bacon, two sausages and you’re all set. Try to stay away from the hasbrowns though (bad carbs) as much as you can. I know it’s hard. If you can’t , eat everything else first and then end it with the hashbrown. Hopefully you’re full enough that you can’t finish it.
  • Kitaro Japanese Restaurant – You can ask for extra salad instead of rice on any of their bento boxes. This is the only Japanese restaurant I know that can do this. They’re not expensive either.
  • Any steakhouse – House of Prime rib, Tad’s steakhouse, Tommy’s Joynt, they’re all well known places and you can go paleo at these restaurants no problem. Just stay away from the mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or fries. Try to substitute them with salad.
  • Chipotle – Order the bowl, no beans or rice, pick your meats (double it if you’re willing to spend more than $8), salsas (not the corn ones), no sour cream or cheese, ask for the guacamole and some more lettuce thrown on top and you are good to go!
  • In N Out – Go to In N Out and order the Protein burger and make sure they know what it is. It’s simply the burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. I usually order a double double. No fries. Order another one if you’re not full.
  • Buckhorn Grill – They have one in SF Metreon and the Westfield Shopping Center. Their salad is awesome and huge! Get the Roadhouse Salad with Tri tip, which is a huge mound of lettuce with onions and slices of tri tip steak. Ask for them to put Tri tip steak on any of their other salad.
  • Shabu House (on Geary) – This is a hot pot shabu shabu place. You basically order the broth (usually I order miso, I don’t care that it’s soy) and a plate of the beef. No rice. It will come with a generous plate of raw beef, green leafy vegetables, carrots, udon and some other veggies. It’s paleo because you’re really just eating meat and veggies; granted that you don’t eat the udon. And you cook it yourself on the hot pot so you know what’s going to be in your meal. They have a nice sesame peanut sauce too, which is semi paleo.
  • Volcano Curry. I went to this place on a weekend because I was really craving for Curry and I was willing to cheat by eating the rice, but when I got there, my awesome wife told me, hey they have salad, why don’t you eat that? So I told them curry, no rice and a side order of salad. She looked at me weird for like 3 seconds, but they were nice enough to put the curry sauce on a bowl and separate all the meat and toppings on a separate plate. Voila! I can eat curry and stay Paleo. See my post on it here.

That’s all I can think of right now. If you don’t know where some of these places above are located, be sure to go to Google Maps and search for the name of the restaurant in your area.

My advice if you’re going to eat out is, don’t feel shy to ask if you can substitute. A bowl of salad is probably going to cost them less than a loaded baked potato anyways. And if they don’t let you, then you just have to try your hardest to not finish the bad carbs.

And sometimes you might have to pick the more expensive choice because you’re picking the one with the most meats. Here’s how I look at it, that extra couple of bucks will be able to make you feel refreshed and energetic for the rest of the day (no crashes and promotes weight loss), so make the right choice. Think of food as fuel, you won’t put Costco gas on a Ferrari, would you?


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