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Do you want to Lose Weight??

30 Sep

I probably should have posted this earlier but the truth to the matter is just today I was able to go through Robb Wolf’s new website and found this great Quick Start Guide. It’s short, simplified and easy to follow. If you have not seen any changes in your body or on the way you feel, re-evaluate what you’re been eating and compare it with the guide.


  1. 4-8 oz of lean protein every meal
  2. 3-4 meals per day
  3. Eat no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates in a day
  4. Limit fruit to 1 serving.
  5. Limit nuts to 1-2 oz
  6. Beverages are coffee, tea, minearal water. Unsweetened, this includes stevia

Easy enough right? Are you ready to commit? Follow the Paleo Solution’s Quick Start Guide and let’s start losing some weight and feeling great.


9/28: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (Brian)

29 Sep

3.5 oz kielbasa sausage
2 scrambled eggs
handful of cheese (cheat)
1 cup of strawberries

3 chicken satay
1 chicken drumstick
2 lettuce heads
1 apple

WOD (Workout of the Day) – Lots of Lifting and PRs!

Post Workout Nutrition
2 scoops of whey protein

@ Chipotle
1 order of chicken
1 spoonful pico de gallo
2 orders of lettuce
some corn chips
all in a bowl

9/27: Summary of the Past Week

28 Sep

Wow, I just realized that I haven’t posted since 9/20 which was 8 days ago! I’m so sorry guys. We were busy preparing for the baby shower that happened last weekend and we had a couple of family visiting. Plus I had some excruciating pain on my back as a result of the chiropractor visit that I had on Wed last week. So I was trying to avoid sitting in front of the computer at all cost (unless when I was working). Don’t worry all is good, apparently the pain was simply my anatomy changing because of the adjustment that my doctor was trying to make. If you guys are curious on what’s going on with my neck, pinched nerve, etc, I’ll post more details on my fitness blog soon.

I’m not going to waste space on this blog trying to list out what I ate for the past 8 days because 1) most of them are the same 2) I don’t even remember 🙂 However, I do remember the cheats that I had throughout these days, so here’s a summary

Mostly a combination of the following
2-3 strips of bacon
2 sunny side up egg
2 cups of fruit (strawberries, grapes, banana)

Mostly a combination of the following
Meat (beef, pork, chicken)
Veggies (Lettuce wraps, mushrooms, tomato, nectarine, apple)
Fats (avocado, nuts, olives)

Same as lunch

Now to the saucy part, the cheats!!
Thu 9/23: Naan N Curry (1 whole naan – cheat!, spinach with cheese, chicken tikka masala)
Fri 9/23: Cafe Tiramisu (chicken on a bed of polenta, which apparently is “a thick mush made of cornmeal boiled in stock or water” – cheat!)
Mon 9/27: King of Thai (Crispy noodles with seafood and gravy – cheat!). Followed by sharing a cup of Cookies and cream ice cream from Ghirardhelli (super cheat!)

You might want to know how I felt after that Monday feast. Here’s how it went:
1. After King of Thai, everything felt good. I was not filled with energy though because I felt surprisingly tired going up the hill walking back to the car (in downtown) with all of Betty’s shopping bags (damn Betty =))
2. After the ice cream, I felt a little bloated and gassy but let me tell you, ice cream felt so much more delicious once you’re off it for like mmm, 2 months?
3. As I got home from all that feast, which was 1 hour later, guess what? I got hungry! I was brushing my teeth, ready for bed and I felt like eating. I didn’t eat because I was more tired than hungry but if that was a lot earlier in the evening, I might be munching something by then.

When this happens to you, ask yourself, are you really hungry? Or is that your body asking for another insulin jolt because of that ice cream you just had. Resist that crave to eat more sugar. If you absolutely cannot hold it, then have fruits, veggies or some nuts. If you decide to eat some more bad stuff at this point, this is how you got fat.

Here are a couple of pics from the baby shower. Thanks everyone for coming:

9/21 – 9/22 B/F/D

23 Sep

Chorizo and eggs
salsa guac

Asquew grill
1 skewer – balsamic beef
2 skewer – sante fe chicken
mixed greens
100% grass fed beef and free range chicken
good place to eat paleo except maybe the dressings have a lot of sugar

Happy hour:
6 pcs grilled shrimp
2 pcs chicken fingers 😛
2 vodka soda water

Late dinner:
Ceviche and 2 slices of avocado


scrambled eggs with spinach, garlic and onions

Bowl of fruit
Caesar Salad with grilled chicken (healthiest I can order from work – out of town)

House of prime rib
1 King Louie cut with some spinach and bacon bits
some ceviche

09/22 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Sharon)

22 Sep

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with 2 sausages

Post-workout (Body Pump class) lunch – grilled chicken superfood salad from Leon; includes grilled chicken breast, wild rocket, edamame, haricot beans, and salad leaves with vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner – two sausages (I don’t have time to think about what to cook!!!) and spinach sauteed with butter.

After dinner – one banana, a handful of grapes, and a handful of blueberries.

Struggling to cook all the time or even think about what to cook that is Paleo…

9/21 Lunch and Dinner (Jake)

22 Sep


1. Green Chicken Salad


1. Green Salad

2. 3 strips bacon

3. 1 sausage

4. 2 pieces Jamaican Jerk Chicken

5. Sauteed Bell Pepper

6.  Paleo Cereal (Almond Milk, Blueberries, Strawberries, walnuts, almond nuts)

09/21 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Sharon)

21 Sep

Breakfast – smoothie from Crussh which contained: strawberry, banana, orange juice, and 98% fat free probiotic yogurt

Mid-morning snack – one small banana

Lunch – one cumberland sausage ring with boiled mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn)

Post workout (Spin & Tone class) – a handful of grapes

Dinner – two sausages


Thanks everyone for the encouraging words! 🙂 I have a couple of questions: how bad is yogurt? For me, smoothies are my breakfast go-to because it contains good, healthy fruits and it keeps me pretty full until lunchtime, BUT it always contains some yogurt. Also, why can’t we eat beans on a Paleo diet? and why is butter ok to eat? Doesn’t it come from milk/ dairy?

9/20 – Lunch/Dinner (JV)

21 Sep

Sai Vietnamese
1/2 order plate sauteed beef cubes
1/2 order vietnamese chicken salad

Sushi Rock
teriyaki beef
teriyaki chicken
3-5 pieces of Tuna sashimi
2 pcs of unagi sushi(thought i’d cheat with the rice but ended up removing it… woohoo! although i could imagine paris hilton doing something like that and the burger king commercial of “eat like a man” kept going through my head… see what advertising does to your brain?)

You are Half Way Through!! How do you Feel? – Post to Comments

21 Sep

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Paleo Challenge. You are half way through! Keep up the great work. I see a great improvement in food choices, some people learning to cook and also some new joiners. I’d like to introduce the latest addition to the challenge, Sharon – my cousin from the UK. Welcome Sharon! Yes, our blog has now branched out of the United States 🙂

How do you feel? Do you feel more energy throughout the day? Are you less tired? Do you see a big increase in your workout performance? Post in the comments how you feel so far …

On this 3rd week, I’d like to share a couple of things that we learned from the Paleo Seminar that happened 2 days ago at CrossFit KMSF:

  • Confirmed – Lean Meat Unless you go Grass. If you are not eating grass fed meat, you should be cutting off the fat and only eating its lean meat. And you should be supplementing with Fish Oil to ensure balance between Omega-6 (from the corn/grain fed meat) and Omega-3 (fish oil).
  • Best of the worst Alcohol. Beer is the worst alcohol because it is made from wheat. If you must have alcohol, resort to red wine or the NorCal Margarita (tequila, crushed ice, lime and soda water). Someone also said that Vodka is CrossFit approved!
  • Milk. Is NOT Paleo. Strict Paleo does not allow dairy and I never knew why. Here’s how Diane (our Paleo Seminar speaker) from put it: Milk is usually given to babies, little kids to help them grow. So if you are not growing, you shouldn’t be drinking milk.
  • If you can’t pick it, heat it and eat it, it is NOT PALEO. And that food is considered processed. Your body is meant to eat real whole foods, try to stay away from processed foods.

I’ve told Diane from about this blog and she has kindly allowed me to post the slides that was presented on the Paleo Seminar. You can find it by clicking the image below.

Be sure to also check out Diane’s blog or connect through facebook through the links below:

9/20: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Brian)

21 Sep

All wrapped in lettuce (2 pieces) – see picture above
1 sausage patty
2 pieces of bacon
1 egg

4 oz Grass Fed Steak
2 oz of Buffalo Stew leftover
1 cup of mushroom sprinkled with cheese (mmmm)
Half an avocado
2 lettuce heads
1 cup of strawberries

@ Sushi Rock
Beef Teriyaki (sauce not Paleo)
Pork Katsu (breaded not Paleo)
4 pieces of salmon sashimi
Medium size salad with thousand island (forgot to ask server to give olive oil instead)