8/31: Dinner … and a little cheat

1 Sep

There’s a downside to working from home. You want to know what it is? Boredom. You realize that at the end of your workday, that you have been hanging out at home the whole day (sometimes still in your pajamas and haven’t taken a shower). And you look outside, and you realize the sun is shining while you have been stuck inside your living room the WHOLE day. Makes me feel like a slob and I love going outdoors. So, ever since I started working from home, I always try to go out with my wife Julia somewhere, whether it’s across the street to walk around or to get groceries, to the park. But what happens at the end of that outing? We eat out 😦 Usually because we’re already out.

So that’s what we did tonight. I went to do my ritual 4:30 CrossFit WOD class at KMSF and afterwards, we came up with an excuse to go to Target to get a food scale (which I do need) and then we ate at Banana Island in Daly City. Ok so if this ever happens to you, and you’re stuck at a restaurant (Chinese restaurant moreover), the meat and vegetables rule should still be on the table. It all depends on what you order. And I’m not a Paleo Nazi, so I do cheat here and there as long as you try to limit yourself. This is what we ordered for dinner:

Roti Canai (CHEAT!!)

Deep fried baby squid (Mini cheat, because of the flour used to deep fry)

Chicken stuffed with Shrimp (meat stuffed on meat, always a good thing)
Couldn’t find a picture for it but it sort of looks like this …

Kangkung Belacan (Vegetables with shrimp paste)


Yeah, I could have done better but at least I didn’t eat rice :). Basic concept of meat and veggies was still in practice here.


One Response to “8/31: Dinner … and a little cheat”

  1. Hendra September 1, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    You did what you could bro. At least no rice hah! Cheat meals are staple to resetting your metabolism rate anyway, right?

    I had a late-night thai tonight, with rice, fail!

    Yay for getting the kitchen scale! Does yours measure up to 1/16th Oz.? I got mine at IKEA, overpriced and lousy build, what a ripoff…

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