8/31: Midnight Snack (Brian)

2 Sep

I know that that I’ve told a couple of you guys that eating 2 hours before sleeping is not recommended but after some talks with Hendra yesterday and after looking around the web about this, I found out that there is some sense into doing it. The idea is when you sleep your body goes into muscle repair mode and it needs the proper protein, fat and carbs to help build and repair your muscles while you are asleep. Because technically, between your last dinner and your first breakfast, you won’t be eating for almost at least 12 hours (granted you eat at 7pm and wake up at 7am).

Having said that, good choices for you to eat before you sleep would be real whole foods that keeps you full for a while. Like meat, good veggies and possibly some nuts and seeds. Protein shake is not a good option because the whole idea of whey protein is for it to be absorbed by the body in a really short period of time and redistributed to the muscles. Taking whey before sleep will only get you hungry again and defeats the purpose of having something to keep you last through the night.

So I apologize for telling you the wrong advice, if you’re hungry before bed, go ahead and eat but make sure you make the right choice of protein, carbs and fat.

My Midnight Snack (2 blocks)
1 burger patty (2 oz)
1 nectarine
1 lettuce head
18 almonds (6 blocks, i was hungry)

Note: Next time, eat less almonds; remember 2 blocks not the regular 6 for other meals. It didn’t feel good going to bed with a semi full stomach, might have to figure out what else to do here. Maybe pick other foods. But the dinner definitely did not fill me up. I got hungry 2 hours after. It probably just needs to take adjustment, so we’ll see how it feels after another week.


One Response to “8/31: Midnight Snack (Brian)”

  1. Uncle Su September 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Nice job on the readings, what sources did you get?

    I go with the usual suspects for midnight snack too, like deli meat (low sodium choices, turkey breast has more nutrient than chicken breast), avocado, almonds, 70%+ dark chocolate! These are choices that take no preparation at all.

    Some other suggestions! http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-blueprint-snacks/

    I actually made some guacamole devil eggs and hack it with extra lime juice and lots of indonesian hot sauce (2 belibis), taste like creamy heaven! Good to last for 2 days on the fridge I think.


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