9/5: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Brian)

6 Sep

Deep Fried Twinkie. Not Paleo!

Went to Santa Cruz to take my cousin to the Mystery Spot. Have you guys been? It is super cool, also super crowded with tourists and little kids screaming and running around but still the experience inside that shack is just so um… mysterious. But because I was out with my wife and my cousin to different restaurants, it was a little difficult for me to be paleo, more over zone. But I tried my best, and this is how it worked out:

Brunch @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
Crawfish Beignet (not Paleo)
Creole steak
Fried potatoes (only had like 4-5 pieces)
2 sunny side up eggs
Bowl of fruit (it was a big confusion trying to ask the server to substitute veggies for my biscuit, but finally convinced her to give me fruit instead)

Dinner @ Kianti’s Pizza and Pasta place (guess what… cheat!!!))
Shrimp Salad (tried to load up with this in the beginning)
Small plate of pasta with ground meat
2 slice of Italian Pizza (artichoke, pesto) with canadian bacon

Not a Paleo meal. Do not imitate unless if it’s your cheat day!


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