Gabby’s Labor Day Weekend Meals

7 Sep

Holiday weekends are always tough to stay on a diet, especially if you go somewhere. To adhere to the diet as much as possible, we only went out of town on Sunday – Monday since Sunday is our official cheat day.

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs + 1 sausage
Tbh, I can’t remember what I ate, but it was our typical dinner (little to no carbs). My only cheat was having a manhattan (whiskey + sweet vermouth).

3 scrambled eggs + mushroom + onions
2 strips of bacon

salmon, salad, corn,

We went wine tasting during the day (only 1 winery!). Cumulatively, I had abt 2 glasses of wine. Then I had 1 glass of wine in the evening + 1 glass of champagne.

Sunday (cheat day)
Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal

Lunch: Quiznos veggie sandwich

We went wine tasting, cumulative I had abt 3-4 glasses of wine.

Dinner: bread + butter, Halibut + lobster ravioli

Liquid snack: 1 manhattan + 1 cherry

Late snack: 1 burrito supreme from Taco Bell. I normally don’t eat at any fast food restaurant.

Breakfast/lunch: eggs with chorizo + spinach, fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon, grapes), coffee cake (definite cheat)

Went to 1 winery on the drive back. I had abt 3/4 – 1 glass of wine total.

Snack: handful of almonds

Dinner: chicken salad with 2.5 strips of bacon
1 glass of wine.


One Response to “Gabby’s Labor Day Weekend Meals”

  1. paleofor6weeks September 7, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    hey gabby, overall you did a great job. way better than my distributed cheats throughout the weekend haha.

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