Weekend meals

7 Sep

Ha! and I thought I was the only one who cheated…

9/3 – Dinner (JV) –
can’t remember, but still paleo

9/4 – Lunch (JV)
Asian buffet (by Century 21)
mostly sushi with no rice and poke salad.
chicken, grilled fish, seaweed salad

9/4 – Dinner (JV)
Thai Beef and eggplant
Tom Yum Soup
Curry salmon

9/5 – Lunch (JV) – cheat
Nick’s crispy tacos
2 tacos nick’s way (chicken/fish)
some nachos
a few margaritas, 1 beer

9/5 – Dinner (JV) – cheat
1 mcdouble sandwich
5-6 pcs chicken nuggets

9/5 – midnight snack (JV) – cheat
2 pcs of pizza (or maybe 3? i was a bit drunk)

9/6 – lunch (JV) – tried to get back on the wagon
Texas Roadhouse
beef and pork bbq brisket and a little corn

9/6 – dinner (JV) – cheat
1 carnitas burritto – everything else was closed in napa except for a taco truck


One Response to “Weekend meals”

  1. paleofor6weeks September 8, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    Ok JV, I think you only get ONE cheat day. Not two full days =) … I must admit, if you want to be paleo, you must be prepared … I’m a little crazy that sometimes I plan what I’m going to eat starting at breakfast. So put stuff you want to cook over in containers or have it in your head what you want to eat or cook so you just have to follow and won’t fall off the bandwagon.

    I don’t believe that you went to Asian Buffet and ate NO RICE … really? haha … im just messin with you dude

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