Take the fish oil. NOW! – from Orange Coast CrossFit

8 Sep

** This is a repost from Orange Coast CrossFit. Make sure you go to the fish oil calculator to find out how much you should be taking every day. The fish oil brand that I take is Nature Made. It has 720 mg of Omega 3.

Are you sore after some of our workouts? Do you eat only grass fed meat? Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to take off that layer of fat on you stomach?

I cannot stress this enough. You need to supplement with Fish Oil. How much? .5 grams per 10 pounds of bodyweight. I weigh 200# that means I need 10 grams of Omega 3s per day. How many is 10 grams. The Kirklands brand from Costco is one of the most pure varieties out there and thats the one I take. Make sure to keep it in the fridge and take it with food. (Its perishable) Each capsule contains 1000 mg but only 300mg is Omega 3. You want to only look at the Omega 3. The rest is well… fishy parts. So to get 10 grams I need to swallow about 33 capsules. I take take 30 caps as its a nice round number. 10 with each meal. Sound like alot? Well it is alot of capsules but it is not alot of Omega 3s. Why do we need Omega 3? Because not long ago all of our meat used to feed in the wild off of grass. As nature intended. But now we feed our beef/chicken/pork/farmed fish (yes I said fish) grain and corn. Grass contains high levels of good fats/Omega 3s. Grain and corn do not. So we are Omega 3 deficient. Big time! Omega 3s contribute to:

  • enhances heart health by maintaining elasticity of cardio tissue
  • helps the heart beat in a strong and healthy way
  • ensures efficient heart function so that this key organ will last longer
  • increases lean body mass
  • increases metabolism by up to 400Kcal/day
  • reduced inflammation within muscle and connective tissue
  • improves fat burning
  • important for cell membrane structure and essential for proper brain function
  • improves insulin efficiency
  • prevents excessive muscle breakdown
  • increases brain health
  • improves nervous system function
  • contains antioxidants and there benefits

One they left off here which is most beneficial for us CrossFitters and the type of intense training that we do. That side effect is: reduced muscle soreness. Since I have upped my fish oil quota to 10 grams I have had very little soreness. Virtually none.So go buy the fish oil and start taking em. Not one a day either. Thats like working out once a month and thinking that will take you to the promised land. No. Sorry. Ain’t gonna cut it. Man up. Take the oil at the required dose and report back to me in two weeks how little soreness you have after your WODs.You guys dont need crazy supplements. Nature gives us everything that we need in our food. If you are following a mostly Paleo diet you do not need anything else besides the oil. Dont be a bodybuilding meat head. We dont have mirrors in the gym for a reason. I dont want this crazy creatine, zyamine, HGH, NOXPLOD, crap in my gym. We are athletes not lab rats. Remember world class fitness begins with eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. One of the beautiful things that brought me to CrossFit was the pureness that surrounded their philosophy. Anyone who reads Greg Glassmans What is Fitness or World Class Fitness in 100 words can see this. CrossFit started as a garage gym because we were fed up with the inadequacy of the Globo gym and our best athletes are fed at the local farmers market. NOT GNC.


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