9/8: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Brian)

9 Sep


4 oz sweet potato fries (2 blocks of carbs)
2 sunny side up egg (2 blocks of protein)
3 bacon (2 blocks of protein)

5 oz steak (5 blocks of protein)
1 cup of cucumber, 1 cup of tomatoes, 1 cup of grapes (2 blocks of carbs)
18 pieces of almonds (6 blocks of fat)

Post Workout Nutrition
2 scoops of 100% Whey protein

Dinner – at Grandma’s, so had Chinese food … no choice
1 scoop of rice (literally) – probably like half a cup
4 pieces of peking spareribs (sweet & sour so probably had sugar in it … not paleo! but good protein)
2 pieces of BBQ ribs
2 tablespoon full of tofu with chicken and salted fish (to the contrary of what people believe, tofu or soy is NOT Paleo! I was also told that soy makes you less manly … if you are a man)


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