A Case Study: Hendra’s bodyweight for the past 3.5 Months

19 Sep

Today I’m gonna share with you all some encouraging data. What you see above is 4 months worth of data on my daily bodyweight, lean body mass and body fat mass measured and calculated based on my BIA scale. Who’d be so vain and anal to clock in his weight everyday for 4 months? I AM! But fellas I do it all in the name of science and empirical data.

I started eating Paleo with weight loss as a goal. When I first started, I wanted to have solid information to base my weekly modifications on. Am I losing enough weight? Am I losing too much muscle mass? How was I to make an educated modification of my diet without having a clue of how the previous portions of meals was affecting me?

So I created a spreadsheet that includes my food block planning, my food log, my weights and my body measurements. I weighed myself every morning (stark naked and on an empty bladder, before drinking or eating anything) and I plot it into a graph. I had a target of losing a pound of fat a week. Now I know that BIA scales are not the most accurate devices, and I wouldn’t take the lean and fat mass calculations seriously. They only serve only to show a pattern of continuous weight loss. Gradual weight loss should be simple and easy. I actually came in close to my goal, losing 0.42Kg/week compared to my initial 1Lb/week… So far.

For a more accurate reading, I actually took a water displacement body fat measurement, which is the safest, cheapest, and most accurate way of measuring your exact lean mass, body fat and total mass. I came in at 139lb bodyweight and 15.3lb bodyfat (11% bodyfat, compared to BIA’s 18% bodyfat at the time. You can see BIA body scale has a wide margin of error, so I only take the total bodyweight reading seriously).

Now I’m not advocating that you do the same. What I have done takes a lot of time, may have been unnecessary, and could have a margin of error between day to day. But clearly eating Paleo lifestyle has worked very well for me. In fact the last time I have a body composition like this was back when I was 16 years old (I’m 23 years old now). But if weight loss is your goal (or building muscle), it helps keeping you motivated knowing that you are “getting there”. I would measure myself every Sunday, for example.

You guys spoke about taking before/after pictures… Well do it NOW for a more accurate “Before”. I’m not encouraging full-fledged vanity and obsession, but a little concrete data might be the motivational push you need for the next 3 weeks. 🙂


2 Responses to “A Case Study: Hendra’s bodyweight for the past 3.5 Months”

  1. jvco777 September 20, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    wow pretty cool post… you really tracked everything. It would be so cool if you took a picture of yourself once a day with the same angle then make a video of the actual physical transformation. You can be the poster boy for paleo-zone.

    The results don’t lie, fat% decreased the most while maintaining lean body mass. That’s the ultimate goal right?

  2. Hendra September 21, 2010 at 2:38 am #

    Thanks JV! I could do the picture thing but that takes a whole new level of narcissism, I don’t think I have that in me just yet 😉

    And yup, the data speaks for itself. BIA scale is consistently putting me at reduced lean mass but I doubt I lost that much muscle especially since I was only Crossfit the entire time.

    Brian suggested that I try gaining more bulk, which I agreed. The protein shakes are helping bit by bit, it really takes a lot of time/constant effort/faith when it comes to building muscle. Theoretically, a pound of muscle a month without any fat gain would be ideal.

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