9/18: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Brian)

20 Sep

1 Peach
1 cup of cucumber
3 pieces of chicken nuggets (not paleo, but i just had to eat something before working out)

WOD with JV followed by Paleo Seminar (will share info on this soon)

Tommy’s Joynt
1 plate of Roast Beef
Half portion of Buffalo Stew
Small bowl of Salad

Volcano Curry
Pork Katsu (no rice)
Green Salad (arugula, spinach with onion sesame dressing)

Who said you can’t have curry without rice. The people at Volcano was nice enough to actually put the curry sauce on a separate bowl. I’m adding this place to my “Paleo-friendly restaurants”


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  1. If you feel like going out to eat … (UPDATED 9/20) « Paleo for 6 weeks - September 20, 2010

    […] Volcano Curry. I went to this place on a weekend because I was really craving for Curry and I was willing to cheat by eating the rice, but when I got there, my awesome wife told me, hey they have salad, why don’t you eat that? So I told them curry, no rice and a side order of salad. She looked at me weird for like 3 seconds, but they were nice enough to put the curry sauce on a bowl and separate all the meat and toppings on a separate plate. Voila! I can eat curry and stay Paleo. See my post on it here. […]

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