Do you want to Lose Weight??

30 Sep

I probably should have posted this earlier but the truth to the matter is just today I was able to go through Robb Wolf’s new website and found this great Quick Start Guide. It’s short, simplified and easy to follow. If you have not seen any changes in your body or on the way you feel, re-evaluate what you’re been eating and compare it with the guide.


  1. 4-8 oz of lean protein every meal
  2. 3-4 meals per day
  3. Eat no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates in a day
  4. Limit fruit to 1 serving.
  5. Limit nuts to 1-2 oz
  6. Beverages are coffee, tea, minearal water. Unsweetened, this includes stevia

Easy enough right? Are you ready to commit? Follow the Paleo Solution’s Quick Start Guide and let’s start losing some weight and feeling great.


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