One More Week!!

5 Oct

Don’t Give Up! You only have 1 more week! This Sunday, 10/10 will be your last day. I see a huge slowdown on the food log posts, but I’m confident that even though you are not posting what you eat, you are still making good choices. Just as a reminder, good choices are, meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. What about milk, cheese, butter? If your goal is to lose weight, stay off it, if you want to maintain your weight, get stronger or just change your diet to a healthier diet, then you can take it but in moderation. But don’t quit! Incorporate a cheat once a week if it helps for you. If you have come up to a point where cheating is no fun anymore, then resist the temptation. Stay off the crack! Crack = carbs and sugar.

Here’s my food log summary for the past week:
One cheat day (after the cert test, for semi celebration): 1 sushi roll (rice=cheat) -> I really regretted this
Breakfast: 3 bacon, 2 eggs, 1-2 cups of fruits, 18 nuts, fish oil
Lunch: 5 oz meat (pork/steak), 2 blocks of veggies mix (cucumber, tomato, lettuce), nuts or avocado, fish oil
Dinner: 5 oz meat (pork/steak), 2 blocks of veggies/sweet potato, nuts or avocado, fish oil

Who’s up for a Closing party on Sunday 10/10?
Please post restaurant/food suggestions on comments.

For you who are unsure what bacon is good, and why it is good, here’s a quick guide to bacon from Mark Sisson.


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