Results!! (Brian)

12 Oct

So yesterday was the last day of the 6 Weeks Paleo Challenge and I hope everybody saw results in their body and their performance. If you did not, yet, I hope you at least got an idea as to what are the right food choices you need to make to get yourself last longer throughout the day and feel more energy. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people participating in this challenge and here’s some of them:

  • I don’t get hungry so often
  • I’m not sleepy anymore after lunch
  • I learned how to cook
  • I PR’d

And I’m sure there are more. Post to comments if you have experienced a difference in your life. Or if you feel like everything is the same, post to comments too so we can try to change up your program and make it better.

Now without further ado, here are my before and after pictures.

I guess what they say about the back of a weightlifter is proven by my before and after pics.

I encourage you to post your pictures too if you like. I know “someone” had a huge transformation this Sunday … you know who you are. Please post if you like.

My numbers:
Clean and Jerk 135#
Overhead Squat 65#

Clean and Jerk 155#
Overhead Squat 105#

Thanks so much for participating, it’s been a great ride! Please post any feedback, key learnings or improvements to comments so we can improve ourselves for the next challenge.


One Response to “Results!! (Brian)”

  1. Hendra October 12, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    Here’s my obligatory CONGRATULATIONS to you! Glad to know you’re getting results that shoot off the chart!

    Man no wonder your C&J is so high… your whole lumbar curve is RIPPED. I’ll only have to play catch up from now on…

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