Life after (being on, but yet to step away from) Paleo

13 Oct

In the spirit if continual success after this 6 weeks challenge, let me share random observations I’ve made about myself since starting this thing called “Paleo”. Rather they’re my haphazard mind vomit about my experiences with Crossfit and Paleo in general.

– I had to go out and shop for smaller clothes so that I don’t like I’m constantly shrinking in my own clothing. These days size M is too big, some stores S don’t cut it either… And well, there’s no way you can find size XS men’s in America. I settled with undershirts.

– For the first time ever in my life, I got myself a Levi’s Slim Straight fit. Before this I could only fit into baggy jeans because of my huge thighs and bottom. Now my thighs and bottom is still big (heavy squats FTW) but there’s less flab and more muscle, and I can fit 2 sizes smaller

– I started sizing people in a way only NEO from Matrix could understand. I could guess people’s height and weight with accuracy (good for men better for women), and I can even guess their bodyfat % to ± 2%. How’s that for a pick up line ladies? 😉

– I became very judge-y. I get very critical with what people are eating and when I see people workout in the gym or how the PTs are teaching. Whenever I observe something I ask what that person is doing right or wrong. Sadly with most commercial gyms and traditional diet I do see more wrong than right.

– I became better at listening to my body. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat. If I woke up feeling lethargic, I knew I didn’t have enough deep rest, and true enough my workout the same afternoon isn’t as optimal.

– The other day I started a conversation with someone in the gym. He was going on about how soy lowers cancer. I wanted to interject but that’s 15min I’m taking away from my workout time. So I kept quiet =D

– Today another guy was so adamant on getting me off my barbell and do my squats on a squat machine instead. I thanked him politely saying I prefer the midline stabilization and balance barbell brings into it, but he argued about risk of injury and how it’s heavy on the joints. So I pretended like I need to pick up a call.

– I wonder how may guys in the commercial gym can get so muscular doing wrist curls with a 5lb dumbbell.

– I see the ladies with personal trainers, being instructed to do inclined treadmill brisk walk, crunches and lunges with dumbbells lighter than an American Idol microphone. I sincerely hope for their progress that something abruptly happen and somehow they’re doing Paleo and Crossfit, then maybe they’ll lose their love handles within 2 months instead of having to pay for PTs for the rest of their lives with minimal progress.

– I started out Zoning with a kitchen scale… Now I use my eye and stomach to guess my portions, to great effects!

In summary, this is the most progress I’ve come  so far in terms of health and fitness. Hell, if I combine all 23 years of my life and compare that to the last 6 months, I haven’t learn as much or has gotten this much progress. If only I knew its this simple. Really. Seriously. I’m ecstatic knowing that I might live to 90 years old, will still look good in a swimsuit for many decades, won’t have my memory rot out from parkinson’s, have osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid or other diseases people conventionally blame on “growing old”. I’m getting closer to immortality on top of feeling great about life, isn’t that awesome?


One Response to “Life after (being on, but yet to step away from) Paleo”

  1. paleofor6weeks October 13, 2010 at 10:36 pm #

    Great post! A lot of what you mentioned above happened to me too and I feel completely the same as you. If only people would try crossfit or realize that fitness is supposed to be short and intense instead of using a contraption while watching TV for 30 min =)

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