How To Stay Paleo in the Office – Food Ideas for the Cubicle Dwellers

16 Oct

Here’s a couple of meal ideas for you office warriors. You’ll need an office lounge area with a refrigerator and a microwave. If your office has no fridge, no fear. You can still bag everything in a cold pack bag.

1. Bag of almonds, walnuts, macadenia, macademia, trail mix. (F)
This is the standard thing to munch on whenever you get a hunger pang. I prefer almonds, and 5pcs usually do the fix for me. Great to store inside your office drawer since it’ll last 1-2months locked fresh in a ziplock, which is sort of like forever in Paleo food world. Get a pound of nuts and store them in a ziplock bag, and munch away whenever you need it. Way better than getting a snicker bar and soda from the office vending machine.

2. Cold bacon (F)
Easy stuff. Fry/bake a pound, and store in a tupperware. Last for 3 days in the fridge, cooked. Eat it for lunch or snacks. Dip it in guacamole or salsa for variety.

3. Avocados (F)

Eat half an avocado for lunch, the other half for tomorrow’s lunch. Tricky business, you’ll have to keep the other half completely sealed in a tupperware so that it won’t go dark (oxidized) the next day.

4. Deli Meat (P)
This might be a more expensive choice knowing that most goes for $8/lb or more. But it’s convenient, and much easier to portion out (than a slab of steak or salmon fillet). If you do go with this, pick the low sodium, no nitrate variety. You get what you pay for. Same deal, can be packaged inside ziplock, have it with your carrots, celery sticks and avocados.

5. Cottage Cheese (P)
Personal Experience: I did a whole week of diet based mostly on an apple, Deli meat and cottage cheese for snacks. Yup, finished a huge tub of cottage cheese from Traders’s Joe. I hated the taste of cottage cheese, it’s bland. But you pick your poison. Do know that this is not as protein dense as say, any form of meat, fowl or seafood.

6. Carrots, baby tomatoes, celeries (C)
Same deal, bag ’em and munch ’em!

7. Fruits (C)
If you’re not too worried about fructose content and weight loss, go ahead and have some fruits. Apples, citrus, berries, melons are good convenient choices.

8. Yogurt (C)
Not paleo by any measure. I don’t know why you’d need to eat this, but the ladies can’t get off this one. Choose full-fat variations.

9. Packaged cooked meat (P)
Trader Joe has 12oz. packages of chicken and sliced beef cooked in various flavors, eg. Lemon, herbs and garlic, salt. Just microwave and serve. Note the short expiry date.

10. Protein powder (P)
Quick protein source for those of you too busy for lunch. Perfect for lunch if you’re the type that sneak out to work out during lunch break, that means you’re doing both post-workout nutrition AND lunch. Bam!

11. Hard boiled eggs (P/F)
Boil some eggs in the morning while you shower. Bag them up, share with colleagues, store them for days in the office fridge.

12. Sausages (P/F)
Go for the apple smoked sausages. Grill before work, you can eat it by itself, with a bowl of salad or wrap it with a huge lettuce head, protein-style!

Or if you’re in the mood for bribing your colleagues to believe how awesome this eating lifestyle is, bring a whole feast of Avocado Deviled Eggs, Sweet Potato Fries, Paleo Pizza, and then hit their sweet tooth with Paleo Cookies. Here’s some links to the recipes:

Nutty Cookies (totally Paleo!)

Sweet Potato Fries (most delicious way of making it, I hear)

Delicious Multi-purpose dry rub, and another way you can make sweet potatoes

Fat Guacamole Devils (I make mine with Indonesian Hot sauce Dua belibis, creamy and spicy)


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