Links for today: Lectins, Rice, Grain-fed Beef and Potatoes

22 Oct

Hey folks, here’s some links I dug up from Mark Sisson’s site regarding Rice, grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef and potatoes. For you seasoned veterans, feel free to refresh your memories. For the next wave participants, here’s some homework for you.

The Lowdown On Lectins | Mark’s Daily Apple
Talks about the protein Lectins found in grains, legumes and dairy… What are they and why they can cause so many diseases.

Is Rice Unhealthy? | Mark’s Daily Apple
Great insight on rice if your current diet comprises largely on rice. Turns out, just like Raw grass-fed milk, rice is the least worst of poisons among grains. What a relief for the rest of us still craving for sushi. Then again, use moderation, and rice still isn’t optimal for weight-loss.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations | Mark’s Daily Apple
Grass-fed beef vs. Grain-fed beef. Most of you have probably eaten grain-fed beef your whole life. Here’s a peek at why grain-fed beef is so problematic. It’s laden with hormones, antibiotics, bacteria, poor omega 3:6 ratio, and the cows are basically dying by the time they’re ready for the slaughterhouse. If you must eat grain-fed, go for the leanest cuts to avoid inflamation from eating bad fats.

Are Potatoes Paleo? | Mark’s Daily Apple
Ultimately, experiment with it yourself. If you’re a lean mean athlete, potatoes might help fuel you with energy. But for the average mortals, potatoes might mean too much calories, gut irritation (to some extent) and other problems.


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