Below is a list questions that we often get from participants. They are by no mean exhaustive, and we will keep updating them whenever a good question surface. If you have any concern regarding the diet, we may have answered them below.

Why is grains bad for me?

Grain products include wheat, rice, noodles, bread, pasta, cereal, corn, rye, barley, etc. They are best left alone for many reasons. The worst of the group is whole grain wheat, the least worst being rice and barley.

So this is a 2-part argument:

1. Grains are not nutritious, has significantly much less vitamins, minerals and fibers thank vegetables and fruits. You don’t need them, period.
2. Grains contain proteins that’s harmful to the body, including lectins, phytates and gluten

It is understood that without the Agricultural Revolution and the cultivation of grains, we would not have been able to procreate this fast. Technological advances in the medical field, art and science will not move as fast because everyone is busy hunting. Agriculture provided a stable source of food compared to the sporatic hunting lifestyle. We might not have increased our lifespan if not for the weapons created to fend against predators and the medicine to cure diseases.

But, our hunter-gather ancestors did not live short lives because they died of cholesterol (from saturated fat, as you are taught to believe) nor did they die from cancer (from excessive meat, as you are taught to believe too). If they live a short life, it’s probably cause they were mauled by a bear and did not have the medical advances to heal himself. On the contrary, archeological findings actually proved that HG ancestors lived longer lives than early day neolithic ancestors.

Compared to post-agricultural revolution neolithic ancestors, our HG ancestors:

1. On average, 6″ taller than neolithic ancestors. They are strong and powerfully built
2. Showed less signs of teeth cavities, acne, and higher bone density
3. Virtually free from diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes
4. Much lower infant mortality rate compared to the farmers
5. Had no signs of iron, calcium, magnesium deficiencies, something very common for the farmers.

Back to my argument.
#1. Grains are inferior in their nutritional contents compared to meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits. You get 100 times more Vitamin A, B, C from fruits and vegetables than grains. You get more than 20 times more calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and virtually any other essential metals from vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat than you do from grains, calorie for calorie.

#2. Grains contain lectins, gluten and phytates.
Lectins are protein that binds with your organs and causes multiple systemic autoimmunity. They also damage your gut walls, causing higher than ideal gut wall permeability. This leads to unwanted things entering your body, causing multiple allergies to otherwise benign food products, such as seafood and meat. An analogy would be like having your poop entering your body instead of being excreted out.

Glutens are bad. They damages to your immune system if you’re celiac. If you don’t suffer from celiac, your body might still get distressed when you ingest gluten.

What we should do now is to make a rational choice of following a diet that is designed for our genes AND enjoy the health benefits of modern medical science.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what Primal Blueprint Author Mark Sisson has to say about it.

Doesn’t eating a lot of meat lead to higher uric acid levels and lead to higher risk of Gout?

Gout is caused by excess amount of uric acid in the body. Uric acid can be increased by alcohol or fructose, and less so by meat and vegetables. Instead of eliminating meat, do eliminate all simple sugar sources from your diet, eg. desserts, bakery, ice cream, sugary treats.
Check out these articles:
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Fish oil (Essential)

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had omega 3:6 ratio close to 1, but our modern diet has close to 1:20 omega 3/6 ratios. (Thanks to polyunsaturated sources such as corn and soybean oil, among other sources)

This is very bad. Why? High omega 6 promotes inflamation and cancer.Use the following calculator to determine how much fish oil you need daily. I would recommend taking high quality fish oil tablets with a high EPA/DHA content or fish oil in liquid form so that you don’t have to pop too many capsules a day. Overweight people, people lacking physical activities and people with diseases would need higher fish oil dosage to start with. Lean, strong athletes already adhering to the paleo diet would need less.

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