Tracking Your Progress

Tracking Your Progress

This is where all the interesting comparisons happen. By taking up the Paleo for 6 Weeks challenge, you are ultimately experimenting with your body. Following a strict compliance, this is what you will achieve:

You will lose weight.
You will gain lean muscle mass and definition.
You will be less hungry.
You will have much more energy through the day.
You will feel better.
You will be happier.
You will get stronger.
Your mind will be sharper, your memory might increase. You may actually get smarter.

Like all scientific experiments, it should take concrete data to prove that Paleo Diet works for you. 6 weeks changes everything you know and so believe in and nutrition if you go down this path. This is the exciting time to “choose your own adventure” or choose your own posison so to speak. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, guys!

Here are a few ways you can track your progress within the 6 week challenge (based on Paleo Solution, Chapter 11):

Weigh it!
You can do weigh in regularly to see if you have lost weight. If you do:
– Measure yourself with as little clothing as possible (preferably none)
– Take it at the same time of the day, preferably in the morning after you pee and before you drink your first glass of water.


The easiest and most obvious thing to prove there’s a change in body composition.

– Photos should be taken in the same clothing, under similar lighting, taken from similar camera angle.
– Take front, side and back photos. Take them with arms down/arms up, muscles flexed/relaxed, close ups for face. The more details, the better.
– It doesn’t have to be something PG enough for you to share online. You don’t have to show them if you are not comfortable. But do it for yourself. And they should at least be taken with tight-fitting clothing. Obviously the less clothes, the better.
– You can update them weekly, biweekly or take them once before and once after the challenge. How often you do this is completely up to you.

Tape Measurements
Measure all parts of your body that you want change. Waist, belly, hips, arms, neck, thigh, you get the idea. Use cm over inches for greater accuracy. Take each location 3 times and find the best match.

Bodyfat Measurements
This is one for the geeks. If you really want to know how your body composition has changed, ie. if you have lost fats or gained muscles, do this.

I would recommend Water Displacement Bodyfat Test since it is the safest and the most accurate kind. It is also the most affordable. Other methods are DEXA, BIA, Bod Pod, but they are either dangerous to the body or unbelievably inaccurate.

Blood Tests
If you are concerned more on what Paleo Diet is doing for your body, blood tests should show them pretty well.

Here’s the list of things you can order in a blood test (and the acceptable levels):
Total Cholesterol (120-140 mg/dl)
HDL (>50mg/dl)
LDL (40-70mg/dl)
Triglycerides (50-80mg/dl)
Glucose (

Add on:
LDL particle size (mostly type A, large and fluffy)
Glycated Hemoglobin (Hba1c or A1C) (<5)
C-Reactive protein (<1.0mg/dl)

*Disclaimer: We are not professional medical provider. Please consult your doctor for a bigger picture.


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